Is it too late now to say sorry?

Wish you could sing Justin Bieber’s song (Is it too late to say Sorry!) to your clients when you forget to send reports to them?

It gets busy managing your personal and professional lives as a marketer.

It's not uncommon to forget no matter how many to-do lists, reminders or productivity apps are in use. It's alright, it happens !

You keep interacting with your clients on a regular basis, satisfy their big egos and try to remain sane. 

But, as month end approaches, they will all be psyched to see their performance reports & prepping their arsenal.

To their disappointment and your sheer bad luck, you (at times) forget to send the report. Oops!

The horror of a client reminding you and getting mad is just too sad to imagine. Let's try not to bring back the bad memories.

What if this happens twice or even worse thrice, it can lead to ruining a perfect relationship with your client which you built over a long time. NOT PERFECT !

It’s just not worth it. Do you still risk it? 

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